God's Blessing on This Wonderful Harvest Festival!

EVENT 1. New Main Quests and Ch. 8 Story Update for the Harvest Festival

  • Main Quest and Story Chapter 8 now available!
  • 19 Character Stories & Upgrade Stone Free Quest Update
  • Two Harvest Festival Celebration Packs! Get a 4★ Guaranteed Recruit Ticket

EVENT 2. Special Harvest Festival Log-In Bonuses

Log in during the event period to get up to 4,000 Quartz and a 4★ Guaranteed Recruit Ticket (100% given)!

EVENT 3. Daily Prime Time buffs during this wonderful Harvest Festival!

  • Main Ch. 8 Release Celebration Prime Time 9/14 (Tue) 08:00 - 9/17 (Fri) 08:00 (UTC) Main Quest NORMAL Drops x2
  • Harvest Festival Weekend Prime Time 9/18 (Sat) 08:00 - 9/19 (Sun) 08:00 (UTC) Main Quest HARD Drops x2


  • The Special Log-In Bonus reward can only be obtained once per account.
  • Event rewards can be claimed from your in-game Gift Box.
  • The Special Log-In Bonus is reset every day at 00:00 (UTC+0).